Emerging ideas for a leveraging conference

by Rebecca Freeth

The Leverage Points conference will be a place to think and talk about Restructuring, Reconnecting and Rethinking for sustainable transformations.  It will also be a place to experience restructuring, reconnecting and rethinking.

Expect the structure of the conference to bear the hallmarks of what works best for sharing knowledge and information.  And anticipate some re-structuring of what you may have come to expect at conferences.  Enjoy opportunities for deeper dialogue and creativity.  We hope this will encourage (re)connecting with each other and, as far as the winter weather allows, with nature.  You’ll find abundant woodland just a few steps from the conference venue at Leuphana University.   From experience, we know that these kinds of reconnection can ignite re-thinking.

In other words, we are designing the conference as a productive place to discuss key concepts for leveraging sustainability transformations, and as a productive place to practice with these concepts – with the hope that the combination enriches our understanding of leveraging change and broadens our ideas for addressing and approaching sustainability transformations.

For this, we will be preparing a “leverage games room” for the conference, in which you can physically experiment with some of Donella Meadows leverage points. We are planning formats of presentation and engagement that lend themselves to meaningful engagement.

Over the last 3 years of the Leverage Points project, we have learned that the concept of leverage points is a useful boundary object. It has epistemic and intuitive appeal to many people. In that way, it can bring together a wide diversity of people and potentially support a more coherent discourse on sustainability transformations, for a more global community. We hope to realize some of these ambitions at our conference. People all over the world are learning important things about leveraging change. This conference is an invitation to keep learning together.  We hope you take advantage of the extended deadline to submit an abstract and join us.


We have now extended the deadline for the submission of abstracts until 15th July 2018 Submit your Abstract here.

If you have any specific enquiries about abstract submission please contact: Leveragepoints2019@leuphana.de

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