City of Oldenburg, Germany

Annelie Sieveking (PhD candidate) is currently completing a qualitative case study on the emergence of one of the first food policy councils in Oldenburg, a German city in the transdisciplinary case study region of the Leverage Points project. She has accompanied the process since April 2016. The Ernährungsrat Oldenburg was founded in October 2017 (more information:

Please find below some documents featuring or related to her work.


“Ernährung und Klimaschutz”, an interview on the connection between food and climate protection for Hallo Niedersachsen, a local news programme

MARCH 2019

“Einführung Ernährungsräte”, an introductory presentation on food policy councils at the kick-off event of the Food Policy Council Hannover, Germany


“Die Gründung eines Ernährungsrats in der Stadt Oldenburg”, a chapter on the emergence of the Food Policy Council Oldenburg published in an edited collection on the transdisciplinary case study of the district of Oldenburg, which is a part of the Leverage Points project


“Food Democracy Now!”, a blog on the second networking congress of food policy councils in German-speaking countries


“Ausgeschnitzelt”, an article in Enorm by Jan Abele on how to reduce meat consumption

MAY 2018

“Politischer Suppentopf: Forschung zu Ernährungsräten“, an article by Marietta Hülsmann posted as research news on the Leuphana´s start page


“The beginning of a new food movement in Essen”, a blog on the first networking congress of food policy councils in German-speaking countries

JUNE 2017

“Heute den Speiseplan für 2030 schreiben”, an article by Laurin Berger on the idea of creating a food policy council in the city of Lüneburg in Was zählt (p. 4), a supplement to Landeszeitung, the local paper in Lüneburg


“Der Politische Suppentopf”, a short documentary film by Werkstatt Zukunft on the first workshop in the context of the emergence of a food policy council in the city of Oldenburg


“Das Schweizer Taschenmesser der Ernährungswende”, an article by Anja Humburg on food policy councils in Perspective Daily