A family friendly conference

By Anne Jo Berkau

Many of the members of organising committee for Leverage Points 2019 have children – from very young babies upwards. As such, we are acutely aware of the support needed in order to work AND care for your children. At this conference it will be us who support you.


Free childcare during the conference sessions

Professional kindergarten carers can take care of your children during day (from 8:00-18:00). Yes, all day! The day before the conference starts, your children can get acquainted with the carers while you are there. You can discuss your children’s special needs and preferences. If you want to know more about the carers beforehand please stay tuned, we will introduce them on our website soon.

Nursing room

We have a quiet nursing room for breastfeeding and pumping.

Napping room

We have a napping room: completely dark and quiet. If your child needs a nap during day time one of our caretakers will watch over your child while it sleeps.


We have a kitchen with the possibility to store food, milk etc. in the fridge and a microwave and kettle to heat baby-food.

Short distances:

All of the childcare facilities we provide are in the same building as the conference. They are easy to access with strollers. All facilities are next to one another.

Food for children

We will supply baby food and food and drinks for older children during the day.

Meet the parents at the conference

You will not be the only parent attending this conference. There will be a special networking event for you organised by Prof. Julia Leventon (details will be provided closer to the conference).

Babysitters during the evening

We can arrange individual babysitters for your children in the evening (and night) if required (costs not covered by the conference).

Special arrangements

We want you to come to this conference! With your kids! We know how much of a struggle this can be, but we will be there to support you! Let us know what you and your children require, get in touch with us.

Please contact me, the conference coordinator, Anne Jo (mother of two sons, 5 and 7 years old) lp2019co@leuphana.de


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