Leverage Points and ArtEcology Network at Climate Day, Wildeshausen

On 7th May 2017, Leverage Points and ArtEcology Network were jointly present at Climate Day in Wildeshausen.  Both parties were presenting their work: Leverage Points for their transdisciplinary research in the area, and ArtEcology network around their project (Bio) diversitycorridor.

Within this joint presentation, Jaana Prüss released the Kitchenmobile.  The climate-friendly kitchenmobile is inspiring for self-sufficiency from local resources. It stimulates self-organization and responsibility and focuses on regional food. Joint cooking with wild herbs, vegetables and fruits from own cultivation makes your own food supply a new experience and the effects of the ingredients will play a role. The “kitchen mobile” is an environmentally friendly e-load-bike with an integrated kitchen module, which draws attention to the edible of the landscape, the wilderness and the vegetable gardens.Short distances for regional food are climate-friendly – they conserve the valuable nutrients in the food without long storage times and transportation routes and give the citizens a bit of self-organization and responsibility.In exchange and discussion with residents, schoolchildren, politicians, farmers, new neighbors and people with refugee background etc. the general and own food supply is to be experienced by joint cooking with wild herbs and accompanying vegetables and fruit from self-cultivation. Workshops will jointly test how self-sufficiency from local resources could work.


Kitchenmobile by Jaana Prüss and Olsen Kunstbauten; E-bike supported by Gemeinde Hatten. Credit: Peer Holthuizen, Hanayo Prüss

Moritz Engbers (LP) and Insa Winkler (Projectmanager (Bio) diversitycorridor, ArtEcology Network) with Manuela Schöne (Klimabeauftragte des Landkreis Oldenburg) Credit: Hanayo Prüss